Saturday, November 10, 2012

SECJ0305I Error, Node Agent not Running

This morning I got to work and learned that one of our node agents was not running. What made this unique was that the node agent in question was running on a virtual machine that had recently been moved from one data center to another, across town changing the IP address. After checking the node agent's System.out  I determined that the last time the server been restated the node agent had started successfully.

WSVR0001I: Server nodeagent open for e-business

Puzzled at this point I pinged all three servers from each server and got a reply every time. I then restarted the windows service that was running the node agent and it failed to restart. Looking into the log I discovered a new error stack that started with a

CWWIM4512E The password match failed.

and ended with

SECJ0305I: The role-based authorization check failed for admin-authz operation

I did some goggling and found this tech note from IBM that recommends "restart(ing) the deployment manager, node agents, and servers." This resolved the original issue where the node agent showed as not running but when I tried to restart the node agent service to show what I had done to a peer I got the same error but the node agent status never changed from running in the Deployment manager  : (  I will post a follow up to this issue at a later date (when it is worked out).