Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fixing an invalid Bind account

We have been going through a bunch of password changes and mistakenly change the password on a account in one environment that broke another environment. One of the things I learned (other then never reuse accounts ! ) was that when the bind account is invalid, even the wasadmin account will not be able to access the console. The environment we were working in was development and needing a fix I tried to edit the profiles\Dmgr01\config\cells\Cell01\wim\config\wimconfig.xml and updated the value for bindPassword and the bind account to a value from another instance .  What made this interesting was the fact that I was able to use a encrypted password from a WebSphere 6.1 environment in a WebSphere 7.0 environment. I was also able to update the bind password value with a clear text copy, allowing me access to the console. After I entered the console I went to
Secure administration, applications, and infrastructure > Federated repositories > repository
 and was then able to re encrypt the password by reentering it in the bind password box, clicking apply and then save.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

WebSphere System Management & Config

My study notes from the following redbook

System Management Overview

  • Stand-alone server environment refers to a single server environment that is not managed as part of a cell. This is your only option for base and express version of WebSphere but Network Deployment can be configured as a stand-alone server. 
  • Distributed server environment refers to a environment that has multiple servers that are managed by a deployment manger in the cell. 
  • Manage Process refers to deployment manager nodes (and node agents) and application servers. 
Stand-alone Single Server

 Distributed Server Environment 

Java Management Extensions (JMX)
   WebSphere system management functions are based on JMX a standard way to expose management objects. JMX